Welcome to the Vyom Power
Universe is the source of energy we live in, and earth is the provider. Vyom power takes up the responsibility and comprehends that there is much more we can positively attain from galaxy and much more to be inherited. A proposal from nature to use its energy, solar power has become one of the lucrative business propositions and the most sought after investment model in the current market. Survey speaks that in upcoming days, government will enhance the usage of solar and other renewable energies to make this world a better place to live in.
About Us

Vyom Power Pvt. Ltd specialises in the design and installation of renewable energy systems. We provide an alternative, sustainable power source for commercial and government clients. Vyom Power offers outstanding service using high quality products delivered at competitive PPAs.

We are primarily dedicated to the betterment of the environment along with providing sustainable energy solutions. We provide a wide range of solutions and products using the latest technology to reduce your energy consumption. The solution enable us to guarantee the end-to -end delivery in close co-operation with the customers.

We are one of the growing renewable energy company offering Solar Rooftop on CAPEX & OPEX Model. In OPEX the Investment is made by us and the customer just pays as per use. In CAPEX, the investment would be done by the client and we install the System and undertake the O&M Activities.